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Resources on Dangers of Vaping

Dangers of Vaping

The American Lung Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration agree that youth use of e-cigarettes/vapes has reached epidemic levels.  We have had representatives from the Center for Family Life and Recovery speak to our students about the dangers, misconceptions, and realities associated with vaping.  We encourage you to review the resources below.  Our counselors are available to support students who are struggling with vaping; please do not hesitate to reach out.

Resource from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration -- tips for talking with your child about vaping, what to know about vaping, links to additional resources, and more.

Resource from the American Lung Association -- what parents should know about vaping, including information about a free telephone support service that provides access to expert staff.

Resource from the NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports -- helpful suggestions and strategies for talking to your child about drugs.

Resource from the Center for Family Life and Recovery -- a local organization that provides support to families and individuals struggling with drug use/abuse

Students are encouraged to visit