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Attendance Office

Should your child need to miss a day of school or be excused early, please remember to provide us with a signed note stating the reason for their absence. Notes may be sent via: 

Contact: Ms. Mary Stout - - 315-839-6335


You may also submit the High School Attendance Form.


Per District Board of Education Policy:

Excused absences include one of the following categories: personal illness, serious illness or death in the family, impassable roads due to weather conditions, religious observance, quarantine, court appearances, attendance at health clinics, approved college visits, military obligations, disciplinary detention of an incarcerated youth, or any other reason approved by the Commissioner or the Principal. 

Unexcused absences include but are not limited to: vacation, shopping, babysitting, oversleeping, being needed at home, cold weather, or missing the bus.